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Founded in 1947, PLP is a global leader in designing and manufacturing connectivity solutions for the communications and energy industries. PLP’s line of COYOTE® fiber optic closures offer a full array of products for trunk, feeder, distribution, drop, and entrance applications. These closures are compatible with loose tube, micro tube, tight-buffer, drop, buffered ribbon, uni-tube ribbon, ADSS, OPGW, and blown fiber optic cables.

COYOTE® Dome Closures

PLP’s COYOTE Dome Closures are the industry’s most versatile and craft-friendly closures, making them the ideal choice for fiber-to-the-premises networks. Both the 6.5″ and 9.5″ dome closure designs use PLP’s patented segmented end plate system, allowing independent access to each cable port without disruption to surrounding cables. This segmented end plate design also allows for ease of upgrading to a larger size as your network continues to grow.

COYOTE® Terminal Dome Closures

The COYOTE Terminal Dome Closure line includes four length options of 17″, 22″, 19″, and 28″ to support either buffer tube or ribbon ­fiber applications. These closures utilize PLP’s patented segmented end plate design and grommet sealing technology, which allows for ease of installation with all cable sizes. Each COYOTE Terminal Dome Closure contains externally mounted OptiTap® hardened adapters to support customer drop connections without entering the closure. Additional COYOTE products supporting OptiTap hardened connectors and up to 24 drops are available.

COYOTE® Cross-Connect Closures

PLP’s COYOTE Cross-Connect Closures merge the craft-friendly functions and features found throughout the COYOTE fiber optic closure family with the benefits of a plug and play system. These closures come in a variety of sizes and utilize the same grommet sealing system and splice trays used in PLP’s traditional COYOTE fiber optic closures.

Preformed Line Products