With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years, Core Telecom Systems is your trusted partner in the world of broadband solutions and services. We bring unmatched industry expertise to the table, ensuring your network receives the utmost care and attention it deserves.

Explore our diverse portfolio of services designed to empower your telecom endeavors. Whether you seek robust network design, seamless integration, cutting-edge technological solutions, or proactive maintenance, Core Telecom Systems has you covered. Our dedication to innovation means that we are constantly at the forefront of industry trends, enabling us to offer you the latest and most effective services available

🔧 Fully Equipped Custom Enclosures/Cabinets:

Our remote outdoor enclosures/cabinets are fully equipped, stacked to the nines, and ready to rock your network’s world. We’re talking Adtran, Eltek, Tellabs, Infinera, and more, all catered to your specifications.

🔑 Premier Partner Support:

Our Premier Partners get the VIP treatment, including configuration, Turn-up & Test services, and over-the-shoulder training for maximum proficiency and knowledge transfer.

📶 Wireless PMP, PTP Licensed and Unlicensed Solutions:

Spectrum analysis? Check. Network design? Double check. Audits, provisioning, test & turn-up? You bet! We bring the wireless wizardry to make your network soar.

🚚 Transport Services:

Need installation and node additions? We’re on it like a well-oiled machine. Our on-site assistance ensures your network gets the acceptance it deserves. Oh, and fiber characterization? Consider it done to perfection.

⚡ DC Power Services:

Our power plant installations and retrofits will make your network feel like it’s plugged into an energy drink. Get ready for uninterrupted power excellence.