is pleased to offer over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of services including:

  • Network audits, upgrades, installation, and maintenance for all Tellabs 1000, Tellabs 1100 products
  • Cabinet retrofits for all new or existing cabinets to include conversion for Tellabs 1000 UMC to Tellabs 1000 DMAX, Tellabs to Calix, Tellabs to Adtran, power rectifier replacement, and battery replacements
  • Cambium Networks PMP450, PMP450I, PMP450M, PTP820, PTP670, PTP450I, and ePMP installation, test, turnup, network audit, RF planning, channel planning, and provide best practices
  • Installation and turn-up for Coriant optical transport equipment. As well as RGNETS installation turn-up


We deliver fully equipped remote outdoor Custom Enclosures/Cabinets racked and stacked to the standards of your organization, including specifications from Adtran, Calix, Eltek, Tellabs, Infinera and others.

For our Premier Partners, we provide configuration, Turn-up & Test, and over the shoulder training.

Last mile premise kitting including ONTs, fiber jumpers, enclosures, WiFi AP’s, power supply and other installation material.

Wireless PMP, PTP Licensed and Unlicensed Solutions – Spectrum Analysis, Network design, Audits, Provisioning, Test & Turn-up, over-the-shoulder training.

Access – retrofits, xPON system turn-up, xDSL provisioning & upgrades, TDM/ATM to Ethernet migration

Transport – installation and node additions, on-site assistance with node and network acceptance, fiber characterization.

DC Power – Power plant installation/retrofits and battery replacements