Connecting Diverse Industries

Service Provider Market

Whether you’re a rural Independent Telephone Company/Cooperative (IOC), a large Multi-System CATV Operator (MSO), providing Wireless services or a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), your network challenges are the same. How do I cost effectively manage 20%+ YoY bandwidth growth on my network, due to the onslaught of video and Over The Top content, while driving revenue growth? Netflix, time-shifted TV viewing, YouTube and tele-medicine are just a few of the applications fueling this insatiable demand. Core Telecom Systems provides strategic supplier relationships and customized services to boost network capacity and speeds with an emphasis on value and affordability.

Utilities Market

Smart grid, green technology initiatives and regulatory requirements are pressuring today’s utilities on both the revenue-demand and cost-supply sides of a business. The Wall Street Journal cited as, “…the nation’s most capital intensive industry.” Utility internal communications requirements, along with those that provide data/video/voice services to their communities, require robust and sophisticated networks rivaling any in the world. Core Telecom Systems provides utilities with the following tailored network solutions from DC power and batteries to multi-wavelength, packet optical transport systems all with an emphasis on value.

State and Local Government Markets

Government entities at the state and local level face revenue challenges in a demanding market. As constituents seek more services, communication needs for first responders, transit, security, and broadband data services escalate. Core Telecom Systems, with strategic partners, provides top-notch communication network solutions. From Fiber to the Premise (FTTx) Access to middle-mile transport and Fixed Wireless Broadband, we offer best-in-class options and value. Our system integration expertise combines multiple technologies, providing the flexibility to meet your community’s needs efficiently.

Wholesale Carrier Markets

At Core Telecom Systems, we recognize the market demands for growth, flexibility, and responsiveness when providing wholesale bandwidth to Service Providers and Enterprise customers. Our strategic partners, offering best-in-class technology, combined with our value-added services, create a robust range of resources and logistics solutions. Wholesale Carriers can confidently rely on our expertise in the market, including advanced Dense Wave Division Multiplexing solutions and efficient DC power systems. From pushable fiber solutions to enterprise fiber drops, we cater to the evolving demands of the market.

Campus Housing Markets

In today’s market, students have grown up with seamless access to high-speed internet. However, the increasing demand for broadband due to video and television consumption, gaming, and cloud-based music and audio streaming across multiple devices poses challenges for property owners and managers in staying relevant. To address this, student housing owners and operators must embrace new strategies to provide enhanced bandwidth. At Core, we have the roadmap to help you turn internet access into a competitive advantage. With careful planning and attention to market needs, we can help you meet the demands of today’s students.

Alternative Energy Markets

As alternative energy sources such as wind and solar become an increasingly compelling solution for power generation, utility operators are looking for new ways to maximize their investment in communication networks while ensuring reliable, secure data transmission across them. Hybrid telecommunications solutions using both wireline and wireless technologies offer the best combination of network efficiency and capital investment. When return on investment is key in determining the best communications solution, call Core Telecom Systems.


Public Transportation is a key factor in the development of our society. Buses, trams, subways, railways, and high-speed trains, need an efficient communications system which grows at the same pace as their own operations, all the while as they meet the service availability and safety expectations of their customers. Core Telecom provides efficient communications systems that meets the availability, resiliency, and safety expectations of passenger and operators.

Education, Health, and Finance

Passive Optical Networks, bringing fiber to the desktop, topography, offer faster, more secure, compact, and energy efficient option over traditional information systems architectures. Anchor institutions such as Hospitals, Universities, and Corporate Campuses have already begun converging networks delivery through metallic cable (COAX, CAT5/5E/6) to fiber. Core partners Tellabs Access and PPC MiniFlex offer innovative, best-in-class solutions that offer key strategies to tackling the problem of network convergence.

Data Center

From family video nights to online transactions, data centers are at the heart of our activities. At Core Telecom Systems, we deliver high-performance solutions in structured cabling, passive optical manufacturing partnerships, and reliable rack solutions. With Infinera as our featured partner, we lead in Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solutions, offering density, efficiency, and seamless deployment. Our cost-effective supply chain focuses on sustainability, keeping our customers competitive in the dynamic data center market.