The Value of a Value-Added Distributor

More than a Distributor

Curating, packaging, and shipping services are only the beginning. Core Telecom Systems provides unique solutions and services that give customers additional benefits. Core Telecom has been in business for over 20 years and has a dedicated team of experts with deep understanding of products, services, and markets. We build strong relationships with our partners so we can offer a diverse spectrum of products for our customers.

Offering Superior Value

Core offers last mile staging services to ease the operational burden of large network deployments. By consolidating project inventories in one single area, we reduce the need to juggle various partners or distribution. As a result, your supply chain becomes more predictable, and the installations are broken down into manageable packages. Some of our Value Added Services also include:

  • Outdoor Custom Enclosures/Cabinets that are racked and stacked according to your company’s specifications.
  • Provisioning, Configurations and Turn-up and Test for our Premier Partners.
  • Last mile premise kitting including ONTs, fiber jumpers, enclosures, WIFI Ap’s, power supply, and other installation material.
  • Wireless PMP, PTP Licensed and Unlicensed Solutions – Spectrum Analysis, network design, audits, provisioning, test & turn- up, and over-the-shoulder training.
  • Wireless Access – retrofits, xDSL provisioning, upgrades, ATM to Ethernet migration.
  • Transport – Node additions, network acceptance, fiber characterization.
  • DC Power – Battery replacement, organizing assistance, and field installations.

Setting Customers up for Success

Core provides solutions to guarantee that your network is properly established, maintained, and positioned for future growth. Allow our team of experts to guide you through this ever-changing industry. Contact us today!