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Ethernet over Copper/Coax

Positron Access specializes in telecom products that boost bandwidth and extend coverage in core access networks and buildings using existing wiring. This includes DSL line amplifiers that double coverage, enhance bandwidth, and extend range, as well as G.hn Gigabit Access Multiplexors (GAM) for delivering symmetrical Gigabit bandwidth to subscribers in buildings over copper or coax at longer distances, with more stability, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness than alternatives like G.fast or DOCSIS. They also offer bonded copper solutions for various telecom needs.

Positron's G.hn Access Multiplexer (GAM)

The ITU-T G.9960 G.hn Wave-2 standard is designed to leverage the existing telephone, UTP category cable or
RG-6/RG-59 coaxial cable to deliver a Gigabit Internet service without the complexity and delays with in-building fiber
installation. Each G.hn subscriber port supports up to 1.7 Gbps of dynamically allocated bandwidth. Wave-3 chipsets will
soon deliver even faster speeds of 5-10 GE.

Indoor GAM

Outdoor GAM


GAM Network Example

The GAM is designed to optimize coverage in an MDU / MTU over the existing wiring infrastructure to avoid the high cost of installing new fiber inside these buildings. The GAM-24-C serves up to 384 G.hn subscribers over a coaxial infrastructure with standard coax splitters (up to 1:16 per port). The GAM terminates the links with a G.hn client device such as the Positron G1001-M or G1001-C managed end-points

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