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NorthStar Battery Company manufactures highly advanced sealed (VRLA AGM) lead-acid batteries for critical power applications in the telecom, UPS, mining and military markets. NorthStar Battery’s quality of design and manufacture is unsurpassed and the company thus is without a doubt the world’s leading manufacturer of premium quality sealed lead-acid batteries. (Recently acquired by Enersys)

Telecom Batteries

Core Telecom is an authorized distributor of Northstar telecom batteries, providing dependable reserve power. NorthStar Battery (NSB) produces AGM batteries, each uniquely designed to meet the demanding requirements of specific applications. We stock and ship these batteries to you, ensuring you get the power you need.

NSB HT RED Battery®

Ideal for use in a range of applications, including telecom backup, cable TV, emergency lighting, railway, oil and gas, and more. It delivers a long life in unreliable grid conditions even at high temperatures which will lower the cost of maintenance and replacement costs.

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NSB RED Battery®

Uses pure lead technology for high energy density and a 15+ year extended float life, even at high temperatures, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. Reliable backup power ensures your network stays running during grid outages, providing peace of mind with exceptional long-term performance.

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NSB Blue+ Battery®

Utilizes optimized thin plate lead carbon (TPLC) technology for fast recharge and partial state of charge (PSOC) applications. It recharges from 50% SOC to full in as little as 3 hours. The BLUE+ battery has a design life of 12+ years, making it ideal for high cycle life.

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