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Jonard Tools now manufactures tools for the Telecom, CATV, Fiber Optic, Home Automation, Security & Alarm, and Electrical markets. They design and engineer patented products by utilizing customer partnerships to create innovative solutions for industry needs. New tools are released each month and are all Made For Life® with lifetime warranties. Through quality and innovation Jonard aims to move the industry forward and connect the world.

Fiber optics uses flexible fibers of glass to transmit light signals that allow for higher bandwidths and longer distances than traditional wires. Optical fibers are as thin as a human hair and carry large amounts of data for telecommunication, television, and computer networking. Fiber optic cables usually consist of a core surrounded by cladding, buffer tubes, and an outer jacket. Jonard fiber tools aid in stripping, prepping, connecting, cleaning, and terminating simplex fiber cables, drop cables for FTTH, distribution, and blown fiber cables.


cable slitter

Ratcheting Cable Slitter

Designed to dismantle heavy-duty cables, this ratcheting cable slitter is the perfect tool for slitting and ringing round cables greater than 25 mm in diameter.

  • Fixed jaws and ratcheting feature make it easy to grip and slit heavy-duty cables
  • Slits and rings cable made of PVC, PE, rubber, and other jacket materials
  • Replaceable double-ended blade has an adjustable cutting depth of 0 to 5 mm (0” to 0.20”)


The MRS-24 – MagneTriever® is the ideal tool to effortlessly fish wires through walls. The system features the following:

  • 10’ long ball chain can navigate through the wall with ease
  • Eyelet on the ball chain connects to most wires and 3/4″ stop ring prevents it from falling into the wall
  • 24” flexible magnetic retriever has high strength neodymium magnets and can be bent into any shape to retrieve ball chain
  • Expandable retriever hook can extend up to 18” to grab the ball chain with ease
tool bag

Technician's Tool Bag Backpack

Jonard Tools’ Technician’s Tool Bag Backpack features 36 organizer pockets and 12 pocket straps to hold all your tools in place with a durable water resistant base to protect it from the elements. It also has a hard, molded front pocket for delicate items, like safety glasses, and a front zipper to hold loose parts.

booth wrench

Booth Wrench, 3"

Designed for use on communication and pedestal boxes, this booth wrench is perfect for opening 5/32” hex tamper-proof fasteners. This booth wrench features the following:

  • Heat treated carbon steel for maximum durability
  • 6” overall length for easy portability and storage
Magnetic Cable Retrieval System

Magnetic Cable Retrieval System

Designed with ultra-strong neodymium magnets and a cylindrical head with rubber-coated wheels, this magnetic cable retrieval system makes it quick and easy to pull wire through drywall, finished walls, and other tight spaces without damaging or scuffing the surface. This magnetic cable retrieval system also features the following:

  • Ultra-strong neodymium magnets easily find and hold the drop magnet through walls for easy wire and cable pulling
  • Rubber coated cylindrical head smoothly rolls on walls without scuffing or damaging them
  • Due to its strong magnetic properties, the retriever unit can also be used as a stud finder

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