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Fiber Management

Clearfield fiber management specializes in delivering fiber anywhere, catering to the specific deployment needs of service providers, engineers, and network designers. With a product design that emphasizes flexibility and complete configurability, Clearfield stands out in the industry. In the face of labor and material shortages impacting planned deployments, Clearfield excels in meeting the accelerated demand for broadband access. Their fast and easy-to-install fiber solutions, offered by Clearfield Fiber Management, set them apart as a leader in the field.

Scalable Solutions

Traditionally, fiber management focused on external design, limiting scalability. Clearfield sees it as risk management. To save costs and time, it shouldn't be a fixed upfront expense but should grow with subscriber take rates. The Clearview Cassette, at the core of FieldSmart, embodies this approach.

Discover Clearfield's FieldSmart

a versatile and innovative fiber management solution

From scalable PON applications to high-density tie panels, our products offer craft-friendly design for seamless integration into diverse network architectures. Whether deploying FTTH or managing distribution fibers, FieldSmart provides the flexibility and reliability to optimize your network.

FieldSmart FDH

Tailored for the outside plant, these fiber hub cabinets offer a centralized distribution point for FTTH deployment in urban or dense neighborhoods. Scalable from 12 to 864 ports, they optimize network architecture for current subscribers and future growth.

FieldSmart FDH PDF

FieldSmart FSC

The FieldSmart FSC is a scalable solution for managing 12 to 1,152 port distribution fibers in outside plant FTTx PON applications. Clearview Cassette’s incremental design allows flexible capacity, aligning capital investment with revenue turn-up.

FieldSmart FSC PDF

FieldSmart FxDS Tie Panels

The FieldSmart FxDS Tie Panel is a compact, low-maintenance fiber distribution panel for 19” or 23” frames. It offers craft-friendly fiber access on both sides of the adapter plate for cross-connect environments, using a removable adapter plate from Clearview® Cassettes.

FieldSmart FxDS PDF

Clearview Blue

Fiber Cassette With 12-48 Ports

The Clearview Blue offers 12-24 ports, scalable one cassette at a time based on the chosen adapter style. It supports SC or LC connectors for patch and splice, patch only, or plug-and-play configurations. A dual high 24-fiber Cassette meets SC port count needs exceeding 12, with the Clearview Expansion Ring for flexibility. Dual MPO/MTP access is available on either side, and the cassette housing supports various optical components for splitting, mux, and demux strategies.

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