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Telecom Towers

As a partner of ARE Telecom & Broadband, we offer their comprehensive services and products. ARE Telecom designs and manufactures patented ballasted foundations and tilt-up monopole systems for telecommunications companies, military, and government agencies. Their solutions include design, manufacturing, shipping, and installation, suitable for both urban and remote regions.

Ballasted Systems & Direct Embedment

Patented Ballasted Foundations simplify installations, especially in steep or inaccessible locations, because they can use local dirt for ballast. The self-raising monopoles reduce expense and installation time because many can be installed without cranes.

Ballasted Systems

No Concrete? No Problem. Ballasted Foundations can use local dirt, gravel, concrete blocks, or pour. Designed for permanent installations, they install quickly enough to be ideal for temporary setups, supporting poles from 30’ to over 200’.

Direct Embedment

If you have the ability to dig, direct embedment poles present a fantastic, cost-effective alternative to lattice towers or conventional monopoles with concrete foundations. The process is straightforward and hassle-free.

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