Critical Power Application

Majorpower products have been integrated in the telecommunications industry for decades. We provide reliable power conversion systems for numerous data centers, telephone cooperatives and worldwide communication networks. The Majorsine telecommunication inverters and the Majortel 48V DC power rectifier systems are “telecom grade” and designed to function dependably for critical applications.


Telecommunications Equipment, Neworking Equipment, Utility System Control, Fire Alarm Systems, Building Management Systems, Mission Critical Inter-Agency Communication, and SCADA Networks

Majorsine Power Inverters

Designed with high MTBF for continuous duty service to provide manageable and dependable AC power in a demanding network. Featuring an integrated utility bypass function, pure sine wave output and low EMI/RFI emissions, Majorsine telecom inverters are well equipped for telecommunications, networking environment and utility control systems.

Majortel DC Power System

Sleek, compact design that is ideal for applications requiring dc power. Each system is designed to occupy a true 1U (1.75” tall) rack space in a standard 19” wide rack and under 11”deep. Typical installations include two compact, high density and reliable switch-mode rectifiers, 25 amps each for a total system capacity configuration of 2900W.