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Majorpower Corporation is a specialized equipment provider of power conversion solutions to critical applications. Majorpower is focused on high reliability, feature rich power conversion products for DC to AC, AC to DC and battery charging applications. They offer benefits such as smaller sized units, high quality product, and lower than average price.

Majorpower Modem

MAJORSINE - Power Inverter

Majorsine Power Inverters feature the integrated utility bypass, and can be cascaded for redundancy. Designed for long Mean Time Between Failure, these inverters provide the dependable AC power that your networks demand. The compact 2U mounting package makes this model the right selection for limited space applications. Majorsine Inverters are designed and built for full reliability at any location. These intelligent, dependable inverters provide economical AC power for all your network needs.


  1. SNMP Remote Communication – Remote monitoring is a prime considerationand requirement to manage multiple network elements from a central location. Remote access is established by simply installing the plug-n-play card, configuring your network IP address, and attaching the network interface cable.
  2. Locking Hardware Adapter – Reliable locking NEMA 5-15 plug to secure load circuits to the output sockets of the inverter. Heavy-duty design locks the plug in place to prevent disconnecting critical loads.


  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Neworking Equipment
  • Utility System Control
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • Mission Critical Inter-Agency Communication
  • SCADA Networks