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Telecommunications Duct and Conduit

Our partner, Dura-Line is a leading international manufacturer of communication and energy infrastructure products and systems including conduit, cable-in-conduit, pipe, and accessories.

Dura-Line provides the “mission critical” elements of networks and infrastructure. Silicore & Ribbed products allow for the fastest cable installation while achieving the longest installation distances in the industry, lowering the cost of your projects. Continuing the innovation process, Dura-Line has developed a complete line of MicroDuct and FuturePath products. Offering solutions, which lowers your installation costs while offering the most expandable network to meet all your future needs. Look no further then Dura-Line for your telecommunications duct and conduit needs.

MicroTechnology & FuturePath

As the demand for bandwidth continues to skyrocket, network builders need solutions that install fiber faster, lower or eliminate construction costs, and provide for future expansion, all with limited space available. MicroTechnology is a forward-thinking, future-oriented technology that solves these concerns with MicroDucts and FuturePath. Both single MicroDucts or MicroDucts bundled together as FuturePath allow for controlled expansion of your network so bandwidth requirements can be scaled as needed. With FuturePath’s multiple pathways, adding additional fiber is quick and easy without additional construction costs.

Versatile & Cost Effective

• Create space with an override in existing conduits
• Direct Buried, Directional Bore, Trench or Plow
• Aerial configurations
• MicroTrenching
• Indoor or OSP
• Long-Haul, Back-Haul, Metro, FTTx, MDU compatible
• Multiple pathways for the price of one
• Build to scale
• More efficient and faster fiber placement
• Easily repaired