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Our partner, Duraline, is a global leader in communication and energy infrastructure, offering conduit, cable solutions, and accessories. With Silicore & Ribbed products for swift and cost-effective cable installation, and a range of MicroDuct and FuturePath solutions, Dura-Line ensures reliable and expandable networks for your telecommunications needs.


MicroDucts & FuturePath

MicroDucts are small diameter conduits ranging from 5-27mm OD that provide a pathway for fiber cables. They are a natural evolution of standard conduits as space in networks is a premium and as new technologies develop, they typically decrease in size. FuturePath is two or more MicroDucts bundled under an oversheath. Both products can be installed using standard Outside Plant (OSP) installation methods in common applications. Choose the correct product by application and installation method listed below.


MicroDuct is bundled into an easy-to-handle unit known as FuturePath. Duraline’s FuturePath can be installed just like standard duct: open trench, aerial, directional drilled, plowed, or pulled into an existing conduit. When branching individual MicroDucts, there is no need for a special branching box. No special tools or equipment are required for installation.

  • MicroDucts factory bundled with a polyethylene oversheath
  • Multiple configurations available
  • Cost-effective – multiple pathways for one installation cost
  • For installation using the same tools and equipment that are used for traditional conduit or innerduct.
  • Requires no special tools or equipment
  • Multiple pathways in place for future growth
FuturePath at Core Telecom

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