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Core is an authorized partner of Krysp Wireless. Krysp Wireless is Altai Technologies’ North America Master Distributor of its Super-WiFi product line offering a comprehensive product portfolio for extremely cost-effective, extended range wireless connectivity and cellular data offload. Super WiFi’s patented smart, dual-mode, 8×8 MIMO antenna arrays provide wide area coverage and advanced interference mitigation making it ideal for expansive outdoor complexes, rural connectivity and heavy industrial use cases with up to 80% fewer access points compared with traditional WiFi solutions.

Altai Outdoor SuperWiFi Wave 2 AP
Altai Super WiFi Signal Repeater
Altai Dual Band WiFi AP

Super WiFi Delivers Unmatched Value and Performance

  • Proven 802.11(n/ac..) WiFi technology for commercial wireless applications
  • Ideal for rural, outdoor, dense structural and heavy industrial applications
  • Multi-band with dynamic support of GHz 2.4 and 5 GHz bands
  • Patented Smart Antenna Technology with Beam Steering and 8×8 MIMO
  • An ROI friendly, quick-to-deploy wireless access alternative
  • Supports long distance connectivity (1 mile+)
  • A cost effective / seamless cellular data offload solution
  • Certified by the WiFi Alliance w/ World-wide deployments
WiFi Tower
WiFi Tower

Altai Krysp Super WiFi