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Core Telecom Systems a Partner of Tellabs can provide you with all of your Tellabs needs. Tellab’s products combine solid reliability with cutting-edge technology development and real-world operations experience to create a set of solutions meeting service provider needs. Tellabs is committed to offering service providers products that cost-effectively meet their needs — now and in the future.

If you are interested in saving money, CORE will help. We provide discount prices on Brand New as well as Tellabs Authorized Surplus Equipment. CORE handles all Tellabs promos, trade in's and credit rebates. We are now the only reseller authorized by Tellabs to sell the Refurbished UMC1000 product line. All refurbished product carries a minimum 1 year warranty. Using refurbished and new products together can provide a cost saving solution to network growth and upgrades.

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Yesterday's network can't keep up with today's bandwidth demands. But advanced technologies don't come cheap. You can't afford to rip out gear you deployed just a few years ago. The solution is to simply upgrade your existing network with the Tellabs® 1000 Multiservice Access Platform. With this future-ready platform, you're just one plug-in card away from deploying new services such as IPTV, Ethernet/IP and premium high-speed Internet. And you can continue to provide traditional revenue-generating services to your business customers. This versatile and reliable platform delivers everything from traditional narrowband services to T1/E1, to ADSL2+, VDSL2 (both with bonding) and Ethernet/IP interfaces for upLink, inter-terminal transport and end services.

4 Reasons to Upgrade Tellabs 1000 MSAP systems with new 10G Gbe226

1. Enhance the Tellabs 1000 MSAP shelf capacity
2. Optimize fiber plant utilization
3. Saves service providers' money by aggregating gigabit Ethernet ports
4. Maximizes revenue from DSL, Ethernet and other business services

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optical lan

CIOs and IT professionals are adapting to evolving network challenges associated with the introduction of big data, big data analytics, virtual desktop, hosted-managed services, software defined networks, cloud-based computing, wireless (3G/4G, DAS, Wi-Fi, BYOD), internet-of-things, and smart building technologies. Yet, oddly the local area network (LAN) infrastructure consisting of copper cabling and racks of Ethernet switches has remained unchanged.

The legacy copper-based LANs architecture was implemented decades ago to support peer-to-peer desktop computer traffic flows because 80% of the traffic stayed local. Today it is expected that 90% of the LAN traffic flows directly to the wide area network (WAN) because of the new technologies identified above.

Tellabs® Optical LAN solution builds on the cloud architectures value proposition lays the foundation for software defined LANs, and creates synergies with wireless technologies equally. Passive Optical LANs are a simple, secure, stable, scalable, sustainable, smart alternatives to legacy copper-based LANs. Federal government, commercial enterprise, healthcare, hospitality and education markets can obtain immediate benefit from Optical LANs that save energy, space and money

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