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PSI offers a full line of commodity and specialty PSI manufactured 5V-24V Switching Power Supplies, Batteries, Chargers, Accessories and Custom Connectors.

PSI Micro UPS Series

The evolution of FTTx battery back up, PSI's Micro UPS Series offers the World's smallest form factor UPS and Patent Pending stackable battery technology for 24+ hours of standby time.

PSI NXGM ONT Power Supply Series

The NXGM Series FTTx Power Supplies offer the most efficient and effective solution for Vdc "power only" to all residential ONT. With industry leading surge protection and scalable battery "add on" options when required, the NXGM Series leads the charge as FTTx providers continue to migrate away from costly UPS.

PSI Micro Vision 48V Rackmount Battery Series

The Micro Vision 48V Battery System delivers the most efficient, intelligent, and cleanest long-life battery backup solution to 48Vdc Telecommunications Systems. Developed specifically for Telecom equipment as a drop-in replacement to legacy 48Vdc Sealed Lead Acid Battery strings, the Micro Vision’s ease of installation, integrated Battery Management System (BMS) and maintenance free design offers the Industry’s future for Telecom Standby Power.

PSI Din Rail Power Supply and UPS Series

The PSI Din Rail Power Supply Series offers high efficiency and temperature harndened design to meet and exceed any deployment requirements. Rated for stand alone 12-48Vdc, up to 240 Watts, the PSI Din Rail Power Series offers a perfect fit for cost effective solutions in a compact package, or partnered with the PSI UPS Module and optional enclosures, the system can provide a fully functional and scalable Outdoor UPS.

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