PowerTec Solutions International (PSI) is a privately held technology design and manufacturing company focused on providing custom DC Power, UPS, and other standby power solutions to compliment global FTTx, Wireline and Wireless applications. PSI offers a full line of commodity and specialty PSI manufactured 5V-24V Switching Power Supplies, Batteries, Chargers, Accessories and Custom Connectors.

- World’s smallest Vdc UPS for Telecom, Wireless, Industrial, Hospitality and Enterprise Markets
- World’s only Vdc UPS with patent pending stackable Li Ion battery packs for scalable standby capacity
- World’s first universal all-in-one FTTx Enclosure to house ONT, UPS and Fiber Management
- Industry’s highest rated frontend Vac surge protection for residential FTTx power and standby solutions
- World’s first multi-voltage Vdc UPS to offer 12/24/36/48Vdc in one solution with multiple CPE Vdc output connections
- Industry leading LIFEPO4 Micro Rack Battery Systems to replace legacy sealed lead acid batteries, offering a 20 year design life and 1/3 the size of sealed lead acid
- Industry’s first scalable voltage outdoor Vdc UPS to offer 12-48Vdc and optional LIFEPO4 or Sealed Lead Acid Standby Power
- Global leader in FTTx ONT Power Supply only options where battery backup is not required