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Reducing the cost of FTTx deployment

Core Telecom Systems is your North American stocking distributor for PPC. Network operators and telecoms installers around the world are faced with countless challenges when undertaking FTTx deployments. PPC has developed the optimal suite of products to overcome those challenges: Fiber cable, Quikpush connectors and DVC-lined microduct. PPC is a pioneering fiber optic cable manufacturer and protected fiber solutions provider whose aim is to reduce the cost of fiber cable deployments. Fiber optics sit at the heart of modern technology and the Internet age. But, for all its advancement, fiber remains a delicate and highly specialized material. It is easily damaged and requires specialist skills during installation and usage. For these reasons, the deployment of fiber often carries with it greater commercial risks and higher costs versus less attractive options. In many instances, these risks force operators and engineers to think twice before using fiber cable in their products or projects.

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Miniflex™ fiber cable from PPC is rugged, ultra-light weight and extremely flexible allowing for tight bends without kinking via the patented “live hinge” grooving of its plastic polymer jacket. Available in single-mode or multi-mode fiber (counts 1-24), along with aerial and indoor plenum jacket, an PPC fiber option is suitable for a variety of environments.

A patented ballistix (simplex and duplex) provides a pre-terminated fiber solution “hand pushable” through several hundred feet of PPC duct with low friction lining.  Snap on fiber connectors (SC-APC, SC-UPC, Duplex LC-UPC) eliminate splicing in the field for faster installation and ultra-fast restoration times

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PPC offers a wide product range for FTTx including: fiber optic splitters, test equipment, fiber enclosures, and more.

PPC Microduct & Pushable Fiber