Tellabs Optical LAN

Optical LAN

CIOs and IT professionals are adapting to evolving network challenges associated with the introduction of big data, big data analytics, virtual desktop, hosted-managed services, software defined networks, cloud-based computing, wireless (3G/4G, DAS, Wi-Fi, BYOD), internet-of-things, and smart building technologies. Yet, oddly the local area network (LAN) infrastructure consisting of copper cabling and racks of Ethernet switches has remained unchanged.

The legacy copper-based LANs architecture was implemented decades ago to support peer-to-peer desktop computer traffic flows because 80% of the traffic stayed local. Today it is expected that 90% of the LAN traffic flows directly to the wide area network (WAN) because of the new technologies identified above.

Tellabs® Optical LAN solution builds on the cloud architectures value proposition lays the foundation for software defined LANs, and creates synergies with wireless technologies equally. Passive Optical LANs are a simple, secure, stable, scalable, sustainable, smart alternatives to legacy copper-based LANs. Federal government, commercial enterprise, healthcare, hospitality and education markets can obtain immediate benefit from Optical LANs that save energy, space and money