Smart RG   
Powerful software in a gateway that works for you

As an early innovator in TR-069 remote management technology, SmartRG products leverage various broadband access technologies and are outfitted with highly customizable software, meeting diverse service provider requirements. Based in the USA, SmartRG provides local, proactive software development and customer support. In a rapidly evolving broadband market, SmartRG helps service providers keep their businesses on the cutting edge, leveraging the very latest in broadband access and home networking technologies. SmartRG solutions enable service providers to improve their bottom line by reducing service costs and increasing customer satisfaction.


 ADSL                    VDSL


ADSL2+                                                                VDSL2 Non-Bonded Single Line

SmartRG SR400                                                   SmartRG SR501

SmartRG SR360n                                                 SmartRG SR506n

SmartRG SR905acv                                             SmartRG SR516ac

SmartRG SR700ac                                               SmartRG SR616ac


VDSL2+ Bonded                                                  Accessories                                                   DOCSIS  

SmartRG SR555ac                                               MC60 Adapter                                                 SmartRG SR808ac    

SmartRG SR655ac                                               PL60 HomePlug Adapter

                                                                              SM8 GPON Module

                                                                              SE80ac Wall Plug Access Point




Core Telecom Smart RG VAD Press Release