PPC Miniflex Fiber Cable


PPC Miniflex Fiber Cable is a pushable fiber solution, available with many different counts & types of Fiber. It is ideally suited for installation using pushing techniques as well as blowing and pulling. UV stable, LSZH and Plenum cable are all supported. It can also be pre-terminated or fitted with the SC or LC Quikpush system, giving the installer reliable, consistent and guaranteed performance along with lower installation costs.

Miniflex Fiber Cable

Flexible, pushable fiber optic cable made from crush resistant durable polymer.

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Miniflex Plenum Cable

Indoor Plenum rated fiber cable available with 2-24 fibers.

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Pre-terminated Cable

Miniflex pre-terminated fiber cable, with your choice of industry standard connector.

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Miniflex Quikpush Fiber Cable

Miniflex Fiber Cable - Quikpush is made from crush resistant hard plastic, designed to allow pre-terminated cable to be routed in the field without the need for a splice.

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