Northstar Battery

NorthStar Battery Company manufactures highly advanced sealed (VRLA AGM) lead-acid batteries for critical power applications in the telecom, UPS, mining and military markets. NorthStar Battery’s quality of design and manufacture is unsurpassed and the company thus is without a doubt the world’s leading manufacturer of premium quality sealed lead-acid batteries.

The NorthStar telecom battery range at a glance:

  • The HT RED Battery High temperatures can severly reduce the life of a battery, driving up maintenance and replacement costs, not to mention the unwanted downtime. And keeping batteries in an optimal 20⁰-35⁰C (68⁰-95⁰F) temperature range can be expensive, or sometimes impossible depending on the site.

  • The NSB Red Battery® uses pure lead technology to provide high energy density and an extended float life of 15+ years, even at elevated temperatures, which dramatically reduces maintenance and replacement costs. When the grid goes down, you need to know that your backup solution will be there to kick in at a moments notice and deliver the power required to keep your network running. For your peace of mind, you need backup batteries that will deliver exceptional performance even after a long period of time.

  • The NSB Blue Battery® and NSB Blue+ Battery® recharges up to five times faster than standard AGM batteries, with PSOC compatibility for high performance and long life in cyclic applications.In many regions of the world the on-grid power supply is unreliable, suffering frequent power outages every day. This means frequent recharging, severely shortening battery life. To minimize the impact of outages or use of diesel generators it is crucial to recharge batteries as quickly as possible - you never know when the next outage will be. At the same time, the cyclability of the battery needs to be exceptional, as the number of charging cycles will be greatly increased when the grid goes down.


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NorthStar Battery Datasheet