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Reducing the cost of fttx deployment

Because labor typically accounts for up to 80% of the cost of an fttx installation, m2fx develops products that speed up deployment and reduce the need for specialist equipment like blowing machines and fusion splicers. By creating products that de-skill labor requirements and reduce installation times, m2fx cuts the cost of fttx deployment.

As the inventors of pushable fiber, the m2fx Miniflex™ fiber optic cable range is the premier solution on the market. By applying our patented “live hinge” groove technology to rugged plastic polymer we have produced a cable sheath that is incredibly tough in terms of crush, tensile strength and kink resistance. But for all its toughness, Miniflex is flexible enough to make installation incredibly easy whether you’re dealing with the various bends of multiple last drops in new build suburban developments or congested risers in existing urban MDUs.

Available with many different counts, Miniflex can be pre-terminated or fitted with the SC or LC Quikpush™ system. This gives the installer reliable, consistent and guaranteed performance along with lower installation costs.

One of the key factors that can restrict the speed of fiber cable installation into microduct is the friction between the microduct’s inner surface and that of the cable being deployed. Our Miniflex™ DVC™ Microduct range has an innovative bore lining that gives our microduct the lowest friction levels of any on the market. This results in easier fiber cable pushing or pulling, extending installation distances by hand to several hundred feet.

At 10mm, m2fx duct can be placed in slot trenches along or across roadways or, when armed with our live hinge grooving, easily bent and routed around and through interior walls and obstacles. So in addition to the ultra-low friction DVC lining our ducts can also be outfitted with our live hinge technology, internal wire support and copper pairs.

The final piece to an efficient pushable fiber solution is being able to avoid time consuming and expensive field splicing. With our Miniflex QuickPush™ pre-terminated offering, the cable is able to be pushed (or pulled) through microduct to its end point where one click of the self-assembly kit turns the Balistix™ ferrule into a complete SC connector ready for termination. Simply snap on the fiber connector and eliminate splicing in the field for faster installation and ultra-fast restoration times.

The result of all this innovation is the lightest, smallest, most flexible pushable fiber cable in the market. The combined advantages of m2fx fiber and duct have proven to save 50% or more on typical installation costs.

Over the past six years, m2fx has gone from strength to strength, opening an office in the United States and building a state-of-the-art production facility in the UK. To hear more about ways the m2fx product range has solved fttx deployment challenges for customers around the world read some of our recent case studies.



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