CORE Telecom offers the m2fx fiber cable and duct solution proven to be the most cost effective in the industry for last mile drop and enterprise fiber cable applications. Fiber cable from m2fx is both rugged and flexible allowing for tight bends without kinking and an exterior tough enough to allow restraint via staples. Available in single mode or multimode, along with indoor plenum jacket, an m2fx fiber option is available for a variety of environments. A patent pending ballistic provides a pre-terminated fiber solution “hand push-able” through several hundred feet of m2fx duct with DVC low friction liner. Snap on fiber connectors eliminate splicing in the field for faster installation and ultra-fast restoration times. Aerial, Buried (with/without tracer) and Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) microduct is both light weight and crush resistant allowing a single installer to perform the work of 2 or 3 utilizing traditional materials and methods. At 10mm, m2fx duct can be placed in slot trenches along or across roadways or easily bent and routed around and through interior walls and obstacles. The combined advantages of the the m2fx fiber and duct have proven to save 20% and more on typical construction costs.

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White Papers
Fttx Outside Plant (Osp) of The Queen Mary
FTTa - Installation of DAS Fiber Networks for AT&T in Chicago

Fiber Cable Datasheets
Miniflex Fiber Cable
Miniflex Plenum Cable
Miniflex Pre-terminated Fiber Cable
Miniflex Fiber Cable- Quikpush

Microduct Datasheets
Miniflex Outdoor Microduct
Miniflex Indoor Microduct
Tuffduct Direct Buried Microduct
Drop Duct
Hybrid Drop Duct
Aerial Microduct

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