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Innoband Sense is a wireless smart home system that allows users to use their smart phones, tablets, or web browsers to monitor, control, and automate a network of wireless sensors in their homes. Through simple Setup Wizards, Innoband Sense allows devices in the home environment to intelligently communicate with each other from keyless door locks to motion sensors, from lights to thermostats. Innoband Sense empowers its users with the ability to control them, wherever they are.
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Innoband Modems
What you can expect with our ADSL Modems is an Unbeatable Price, Hassle-Free Warranty,  Free Technical Support and Same or Next Day Delivery Available!

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1Port Ethernet ADSL22+ Router_innoband_button copy

- Compliant to the most updated ADSL2/2+ standards
- Reltek Chipset interoperable with all major DSLAMs
More about the 1-Port Ethernet Router

Four Por tADSL2+ _innoband_button

- Build-in four-port 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet switch LAN connection
- Conexant chipset compliant with most up to date ADSL/ADSL 2+ standards
More about the 4-Port Wireless

2000series_innoband_button copy1

- Supports home connectivity without new wiring
- Features latest technology on power line
- Simple to connect
- Provides necessary security to keep your data safe
More about the 2000 Series



1Port ADSL22+_innoband_button copy

- Compliant to the most updated ADSL2/2+ standards
- Broadband Chipset
More about the 1-Port Router

DSL Gateway VDSL ADSL2+ innoband copy

- Supports VDSL2 up to profi le 17a with data rates up to 100 Mbps downstream and 50 Mbps upstream
- Supports fall back to ADSL if VDSL2 training fails
More about DSL Gateway

dslfilter_innoband_button copy1

- Filtering noise from your DSL line
- Fits between the phone line and your telephone device
- Easy plug and use, no tools neede
- FCC certified 
- Compatible with most up to date DSL standards
More about DSL Filters

4 PORT WIRELESS N GATEWAY_innoband_button copy1

- Compliant to the most updated ADSL2/2+ standards
- Support ADSL2+ downstream data rate of up to 24Mbps
- ATM Layer with Traffi c Shaping QoS support
-Built-in Quick Setup Wizard to easily establish ADSL connection
More about the 4 Port Wireless

1Port VDSL innoband copy

- Supports the latest VDSL technology VDSL & VDSL2
- Ideal for home and SOHO applications
More about 1-Port VDSL

dslsplitter_innoband_button copy1

- Minimize interference from your       High speed DSL service to phone devices like fax machine and
alarm system
- Easy plug and use, no tools required
- FCC Certified
-Compatible with most up to date DSL standards
More about DSL Splitters

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