We are committed to meeting the power needs of the telecom industry. Eltek products and solutions are designed to match any power requirement within the telecom industry. CORE Telecom is your authorized distributor!


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Eltek's power systems cover the entire range of application areas within the telecommunications industry. A typical DC power system includes rectifiers, control and monitoring modules, AC distribution for rectifier input, dc distribution, batteries, and low voltage disconnect options. All our systems use state-of-art hot plug-in switchmode rectifiers allowing for easier system upgrades. Multiple rectifiers operate in parallel to ensure redundant operation.
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The rectifier will always be the core component, the“heart” of a DC power system. Eltek, therefore, devotes much of its R&D efforts to the development of new state-of-the-art designs, which have the quality and the functionality expected in modern telecommunication network.
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Eltek is committed to achieving and maintaining technological excellence in not only our DC power products, but also our monitoring and control solutions. We offer monitoring products that are easily integrated into an existing telecommunications network infrastructure using proven, stable and secure technologies and globally accepted communications protocol.
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