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Tellabs 7100 Nano Optical Transport System
The Tellabs 7100 Nano™ Optical Transport System (OTS) combines advanced optical networking technology with a full featured integrated services layer, all in one small package. The result is a single transport platform that supports and protects your Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) network investment while providing full packet service and network support. The Tellabs 7100 Nano OTS can function independently or as part of a Tellabs 7100 Optical Transport System network. Both the Tellabs 7100 Nano OTS and the Tellabs 7100 OTS utilize the same management systems and interface modules.

The Tellabs 7100 Nano OTS features the same field-proven capabilities found on the Tellabs 7100 OTS, such as Add/Drop Multiplexer (ADM) on a blade and fixed or reconfigurable Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) transport. It also supports 120 Gbps of Layer 2 and TDM switching, without the need for a dedicated switching module. Given its smaller size and lower power consumption than the Tellabs 7100 OTS, the Tellabs 7100 Nano OTS can extend its integrated ADM and Layer 2 technology to a greater part of your network.

The Tellabs 7100 Nano OTS offers the ability to add/drop any of 88 wavelengths remotely or amplify all 88 wavelengths in the Optical Line Amplifier (OLA) configuration. Intelligent service modules give you the capability to mimic currently installed ADM rings, reducing the need to use router ports for “dumb” Layer 2 aggregation. This frees up costly router ports to be used for their original intent — Layer 3 service delivery. The introduction of Layer 2 switching directly into the transport layer also reduces the practice of building overlay networks on dark fiber for each and every customer, simplifying management and speeding up the delivery of commercial services.



  • Small size, ease of installation and increased functionality at the network edge
  • Programmable at the optical layer
  • CapEx/OpEx Savings

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