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Eltek is the global leader in power conversion technology and continues to expand its strength and capabilities in key business segments to bring maximum value and quality service to its customers. Eltek develops and markets power systems, based on our industry-leading power conversion technology and products. A strong range of highly efficient, flexible and cost-effective rectifiers/converters from the core of our offering. Elteks high efficiency rectifiers have gained the energy star rating by meeting the minimum average efficiency requirements of 95.5%. Solutions include: 48VDC or 24VDC rectifiers with AC inputs of 110VAC, 208VAC, 240VAC or 480VAC.

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Increasing network speed demands flexible and expandable DC power solutions. Due to its small size, high efficiency, reliability and wide range of communication, the Flatpack S System is the key for future needs. The shallow depth makes the system suitable for most cabinets and thereby excellent as a replacement unit.


Key Features

• Complete System (Controller, Rectifiers, Battery, and Load Distribution)                   Flatpack2 HE Rectifier
• 12 Inch System Depth                                                                                                 Smartpack S Controller
• Hot plug-able rectifiers & controller                                                                             Flatpack S 2U
• Advanced control and monitoring through ethernet port                                             Flatpack S 3U



A full power system with internal rectifiers, distribution, and control. Featuring the most advanced controllers and widest range of output voltages, distribution, DC conversion, and options for ring generation. Designed for remote terminal, customer premises, small CO, and small base station applications.

v series



        Key Features

  •         • Complete system with monitoring and distribution in 2U
  •         • Vertical Airflow to optimize cabinet airflow design
  •         • Extended temperature operation for the harshest
  •           applications
  •         • Easy site configurable distribution
  •         • Perfect for outdoor applications



V Series HE Rectifier
V Series Rectifier



Accommodating up to 48 bullet style breakers in a 23-inch rack space, the integrated DC power system fits full-rack features in less than a half-rack of space. Highly powerful system controller and elegant product design make it easy to understand and simple to install. A powerful remote management interface, through Ethernet or SNMP, can make any workforce more productive. Up to 96% efficiency and advanced battery management result in reliable, trouble free networks.

integrated dc power system









The Eltek Scalable DC power system offers an array of configurable components that come together to produce large-scale, high-power solutions-up to half a million watts! 

scalable systems     


       Complete System With:       scalable systems




Integrating state-of-the-art, high efficiency, switch-mode rectifier technology with Eltek’s feature rich Smartpack2 control and monitoring unit, the high-performance EcoTower system can be configured to use either single-phase Flatpack2 HE or three-phase Powerpack rectifiers.




     Complete System With:           ecotower system




Flatpack2 HE Rectifier
Powerpack Rectifier
Smartpack S Controller