Broadband is a foundation for economic opportunity, job creation, global competitiveness, attraction and retention of residents plus a better way of life for individuals, small businesses. As a result, small businesses, workers, and communities must have the broadband infrastructure, training tools to participate and compete in a changing economy. According to analysis done by Broadband Communities Magazine, “data for all 3,144 counties in the 50 states and District of Columbia reveals that counties in the bottom half of their state rankings for access to 25 Mbps download speeds had a population growth of only 0.27 percent from 2010 through the end of 2013. The top half enjoyed growth of 2.79 percent – more than 10 times greater.” The message is clear: given the choice between a community with big bandwidth and a community without big bandwidth, consumers will always choose the entity with the best broadband infrastructure.

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We help build broadband communities, or help existing entities leverage their network infrastructure to get the most out of past investment. We do so by combining new technology with legacy technology through the use of secondary networking equipment. By doing so we create the opportunity for our customers to advance the timelines and stretch the dollars of broadband initiatives within their own communities.

The greatest thing about this company is the diversity of the types of service providers we serve. From a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) with the challenges of a mountainous terrain to the Independent Telephone Company in the Sand Hills of Nebraska- we have solutions that bind them. We’ve selected partners based on 1) technological advantage, 2) robust service infrastructure, and 3) a willingness to focus on each opportunity as its own.

    • M2FX- this manufacturer of pushable fiber is superior in the quality of plastic polymer used to create their product, resulting in better performance upon installation. This is our “Pepsi Challenge” Product. If you’re using pushable fiber, try ours for better performance, better logistics, and better pricing.




These are but a few of our vendor relationships, but they represent our focus in establishing reliable partners for our customers providing big bandwidth to their community. We have the capability to help overcome telecommunications challenges ranging from providing that hard to find legacy circuit board to engineering and installing entire Greenfield networks through our solutions group.

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